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Carol asks…

How to make easy money online? plz help!

I’m trying to find ways to make some extra income, and I’ve heard about making blogs, surveys, playing games online to make money. What are some good sites that are not scams?How do you make a blog? where? Surveys…? how to guarantee money? I know there are many scams out there and I don’t feel confortable giving my personal information… What are some legit places online to guarantee me money…….? I’m unemployed for now and very interested in making money online… Please help! personal experiences are very appreciated….

Yahoo answers:

Http://incomebooster.org/ is the best FREE resource for make money online opportunities. They have a lot of guides and tutorials waiting for you. Their tutorials are made for everyone over 13 years old from any country from all over the world!

Richard asks…

The Easiest Way to Make Money at Home?

I am looking for the easiest way to make money at home. I have tried my best to Google it but in vain. I have found many ways and means to make money at home but could not find the easiest one. Many people and blog owner are claiming different means of making money form home as easiest and legitimate but that is not correct most of the time. I have even lost few hundreds dollars in trying different ways to make money at home systems but most of them are not suitable for me. Either I need to invest more money to get success but there is not guarantee that I will make money at home from the same system.

So, I asked this question here. I am sure that there are few ways to make money at home which are not so hard and average people can make handful of money using those. I want very specific answer to my question. You must answer with the easiest way, if not easiest at least it should be so easy that average people should be able to make handful of money online from home. If you do not know the answer to my question, please do not reply here. Once more I am searching for the easiest way to make money at home. So it will help hundreds of people from all over the world to grab some bucks online.


Yahoo answers:

Beware of all the answers that ask you to buy anything. They’re most likely scamming you. Do you have a Twitter account or Facebook account with a lots of friends/followers? You probably share a lot of links with them. Instead of linking directly to them, open an account in Linkbucks, and they’ll take your URL and give you a new one that displays an ad before loading the page. You then get paid for every person who clicks the link. The more followers, the better! Note that on Facebook you’ll need to wrap the links given by Linkbucks with another service, such as tinyurl.com or bit.ly. Link to create a Linkbucks account: http://bit.ly/b0n40p

The best way to make money is to start a blog with downloads, and advertise it heavily. Here is an example: create a blog about game cheat codes. You can download game trainers at sites like gamecopyworld that allow the player to cheat a lot. Then you upload them to Fileserve, a site that pays for each file that is downloaded from your account; big files pay up to $25 every 1000 downloads. Find out what games are new and popular, and upload trainers for those in your Fileserve account (remember that minimum size that pays is 1MB; pad them with images from the game or whatever to make them bigger) and make a post linking to it. Here’s a link to create a Fileserve account: http://bit.ly/d7Cn0R

Promoting your blog is vital for this to work, but fortunately we have Facebook nowadays. If you uploaded a trainer for the game Singularity, go and find Singularity groups/pages/events in Facebook and post about your new blog there. At first only a few people will show up, but persist and you’ll have a lot of visitors very soon; make sure to include sociable plugins (such as like on Facebook, Twitter, etc) to allow people to share your blog, which will mean more visitors for you.

I used game trainers as an example, but you can do this with music, video, or whatever, as long as it’s legal for you to upload those files. You can also use the Linkbucks links on your blog, for two sources of money at once.

There are other sites that pay for links and downloads, but those two I use personally and I can guarantee that they work and that they pay with no fuss or problems.

Jenny asks…

Any real ways to make money online? I only need at least $1 per day?

Are there actually any real, easy ways to make money online? I don’t need a fake website that will “guarantee” you at least $50 per day. I just need a simple website to make $10 in 10 days that is reliable and actually pays out. Thanks.

Yahoo answers:

Most of them are scam.. They ask for upfront payment and guarantee that you’ll cover it in days.. But then they disappear..

Michael asks…

Guaranteed Moola: Where can I get some real easy cash online?

I’ve heard you can make real cash online and would love to know of any and all ways to make free money. Hopefully some legitimate ways would be nice. Any tips to share?

Yahoo answers:

The site below is one that pays you to fill out forms for free merchant offers. If you go to the link below, enter the username and password, and then when you get to the page, enter your email.

Your email MUST be a paypal email, otherwise you won’t get paid.
You MUST be a US resident or you won’t get paid.
They have a link there to sign up for a paypal email if you don’t have one.

Click each button & fill out the forms or offers (they are all free!) and they pay you for filling each one!
The page below shows you how much you get paid for each one.
You get payments to your paypal email within a couple of hours! No joke.

So to summarize:

1) Go to the link below and enter the username and password:
2) Enter your paypal email.
3) Click each button & fill out each offer.
4) You WILL get paid for each offer you fill – the page shows you how much.

Trust me it does work. Link & Password below:


username: make
password: money

Mark asks…

Guaranteed Cash: Where can I get some real easy cash online?

I’ve heard you can make rea cash online and would love to know of any and all ways to make free money. Hopefully some legitimate ways would be nice. Any tips to share?

Yahoo answers:

You can write articles for Associated Content. No big bucks, but they will pay you a small amount for what you write.

Charles asks…

Online Business……how long does it take to make 600 dollars?

Hi everyone. To all you online business experts, how long does it take to make a consistent or un-consistent 600 dollars monthly in online business? The business I want to start is Affiliate. I’m not asking for too much like I seen in the net like making 200 dollars a day, 3000 a month or anything. All i want is 600 dollars monthly, just to survive for a while as i learn to be a better online businessman. I been learning online business for a month now. I know learning online business takes time and NOT EASY. I just need some money during the times I’m learning this business to support myself. And I’m gonna postpone my College semester, so I will have 4 MONTHS of break to build an online business with 600 dollars income, most likely Affiliate business.

So does anyone know how to build an online business 600 dollars monthly in 4 months of my break? It would be a GREAT HELP if someone could give me a guarantee step by step system where I will get 600 dollars during my 4 months break. Doesn’t matter whether is Affiliate, or another kind of business.

And please, serious answers only, and please don’t answer if you don’t know what you’re talking about. This is a serious life decision of mine, don’t give wrong answers. Which is why I prefer answered by someone who is an online businessman (No, not you scammers, please don’t bother with your spam, I’ve seen it all).

Here are the business that I’m thinking to start;

1. Affiliate

2. Article Writing (No strict grammar check like Constant Content)
- O Desk
- webanswers

3. Data entry online job (Maybe)

4. Selling products and create network where you get commission from your all your buyer’s sell

5. Lauryn Herbert’s Effortless Web Cash Formula

So any website, step by step sytem, and/or ways you recommend?

P.S. I know Article writing is the greatest way in making money through online, but I want to hone my grammar skill before I venture in that. I need now is a business with no requirements of skills…..like Affiliate.
I don’t understand, why are more and more people telling stop pursuing in online business. The way you’re telling is like there’s no such thing as online jobs. What about all the people that is making money through online! And why everytime I ask question about online business, not even ONE successful online businessman answering!

……Okay, so I’m having the feeling that I have to grasp these two bitter things first right? ;

1. To build an online business even with 600 dollars income, you need f***ing 3 years……

2. Successful businessman will not give their secrets because it will ruin their business since I will be a potential competition to them.

Is this it? So i should stop dreaming now? This was all a joke? No online jobs? Life is filled with S****!!!!!
Max, very much thank you for your answer, and yes I’m VERY interested. I’m already going to postpone my next semester. So I will have 4 months of break to build up a business. I haven’t got the time yet to check your business as I’m still on my current semester. After this semester, which will end at last November, I will definitely give it a look! But still, is rather suspicious.

P.S. I don’t believe in CNN report where 99% online job are scam. Because I found some business(that I couldn’t enter because of my lack of skills) that pays really well, but you have to work really hard…..
OMG, I thought was about to say fig was right, but no, Max was right!!! His business is real! I check at wikipedia, this business is true! (Exhale) finally, a real business……hope it doesn’t require certain skills……

To the whole world who’s seeing this question I post, let the never ending question on online business whether is legit or not, ends here. What’s the answer? Online business are legit! I rept. legit! This post is perfect, trust me. Just look at fig, he’s convinced there is NO WAY in making money online right? Even his last post he STILL refuse to believe it. Now think, did fig seen ALL the online jobs? Or just flat out stop finding online jobs from just the surface of the internet without going in deep. My freinds, let me tell you, if he said there are no ways in making money online, even before I post this answer I already know he’s wrong, since I did found a legit website to make money, I did mentioned it in my question where I said I could not enter them because of my lack of skills. Why did I said this post is perfect? BECAUSE THIS WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENING OVER THE NET.There are people like fig telling is a scam, BUT THEY ARE SO WRONG! THIS IS WHAT CAUSING A TABOO IN ONLINE BIZ!
…….Alright fig, I guess I must respect your views since you’re businessman and all and have a higher knowledge than me, maybe you’re right. ……. Then I have a question.Can you PLEASE bare with me for one more time in answering my question, I know you’re busy, but think of it as, saving a kid from venturing something he’s gonna regret for his whole life. It will be your good deed of the day…. The question is; Do you agree that even if i have a good grammar skill, there’s no way I’m gonna make money over the online by writing articles? Simply yes or no will do. Answer this, and I will make my final decision……that decision will be based on your answer….. If you answer this, THEN I WILL FINALLY REALIZE WHICH IS THE TRUTH…..
…….Alright fig, I guess I must respect your views since you’re businessman and all and have a higher knowledge than me, maybe you’re right. ……. Then I have a question.Can you PLEASE bare with me for one more time in answering my question, I know you’re busy, but think of it as, saving a kid from venturing something he’s gonna regret for his whole life. It will be your good deed of the day…. The question is; Do you agree that even if i have a good grammar skill, there’s no way I’m gonna make money over the online by writing articles? Simply yes or no will do. Answer this, and I will make my final decision……that decision will be based on your answer….. If you answer this, THEN I WILL FINALLY REALIZE WHICH IS THE TRUTH…..
check my other question that response from this question;


Yahoo answers:

You’re going to work very hard at this and you’re not going to make any money. You’d make more money every month bagging groceries for a few hours a week. Save your time and energy and find something real and productive to do that can earn money.

People that tell you they are making hundres or thousands online every month are F.o.S. You are already convinced that it’s possible so the good advice is falling on deaf ears. Go ahead and waste your time. You will not be competing with me in business because I have real skills and sell real services.

Of course, you should believe everything you read on wikipedia. I guess you’ll learn the hard way. Good luck to you anyway.

I partially agree with you. The people that run the scams are making pretty good money…off people like you. So in one very limited sense there are some people making money online.

I wish everyone could make money online. My businesses which do a little business online are for antique books, wood and brass engraving and my most successful business is in professional lock and key services. I generate over 100k a year on just my side businesses. Only 10% of that business is brought in from online sources the rest is local. I wish it were more and I wish it were easy. It’s not… I’ve worked night and day and weekends for as long as I can remember to make these things work. Like I said… You already have the answer in you were looking for… Go and make your fortune online the “easy” way. Good luck.

In fact, I should start up one of these businesses that trick people into thinking they can generate income from home seeing how there are so many people just like you. The only reason that I don’t (and I have the resources to be successful) is that I can’t find it in my heart to cheat people.

You should write articles if it’s something you enjoy doing. People that actually write for a living don’t seem to care too much about grammar so I don’t think that’s going to be an issue. You can make money writing only if your writing is clever, interesting, fresh and you understand how to market your work. It’s tough to make money writing these days. The market is saturated and content providers don’t pay very well. Do it for the joy and you might make some money at it.

The people that are making money “online” are developers that create apps for mobile devices and small producers that make hilarious videos on YouTube. In either case you have to be creative and possess some artistic and/or technical skills.

Ruth asks…

Money savvy teen would like to learn!!?

I want to become rich…yes, everyone has this dream, but I actually read about techniques, save my money and such. I have 1,000 dollars in a CD, roughly 700 in savings, and over 200 dollars at my house, which I am about to deposit into my savings. I get this money from mowing lawns. From this I get 95 dollars every two weeks plus I do the occaisional garage sale. I would have more, but I have to pay for every “extra” thing I want. I am a big sports card collector, and I probably have 200 dollars worth of that, but the value of my cards is bound to go up, but thats a different story. I also worked for my own computer which I got for a neighbor in exchange for doing their lawn 5 times (100 dollars worth of work). I have other stuff, but I need to get to the point:

I am looking for answers from older people such as: I want to go into business. Besides business and finance, what other degrees should I go after? I am also learning spanish because a good bit of the population will be mexican/spanish when I get older. Also, I know there is no guaranteed way to make money, but what businesses are a safe bet to turn profits? I would own my own card store, but I assume that won’t work out seeing as how ebay and other sites have pretty much destroyed that business for store owners. Also, do you older folks have any tips that you have learned over your lifetime that would help me succeed.

Again, I am not one of those normal teens that says: “How can I make quick easy money…I don’t want to do hard work for it, maybe I can do online surveys or something.” DUH. I am a motivated person who wants to and will work to succeed
I get 95 dollars every two weeks from mowing the lawn
I mow 3 neighbors lawns

Yahoo answers:

First, you should feel good about being on the right track. You aren’t falling into the “get rich quick” mentality – doing well, especially in your own business, takes hard work and a lot of effort. Also, having an interest in making money at your age is great.

There are so many types of businesses to choose from, what you first need to decide is what types of businesses fit your talents and desires. I have owned an ad agency, manufacturing company, consulting business, and restaurants. As it turned out I hated the restaurant business – it was the same thing day after day and way too long of hours. I prefer being able to travel and more variety. But the point is you need to think about what you want.

Business is the best education to get; if you want to take other classes do it because you are interested. A second language is a good idea. You should also learn computer skills – how to design a web site, etc. That will make you self-sufficient and you won’t have to pay someone to do that stuff for you.

There is no “safe” business. The world changes – sports card stores, video stores, book stores and many others were thriving not that many years ago and are struggling to stay afloat now. Information products are low cost to get into, you can sell them online and you can change them as market demands change. I know a guy that came up with a book and video on how to install a security system in your home – he is making a good living from selling that online.

Mandy asks…

Is Jeff Paul Internet Million Is true compare with these two stories? Can your tell me which one is true?

The actual website his website

Jeff Paul Scam

Jeff Paul ‘s magic system is not a scam .

Jeff Paul ‘s money making system cannot be a scam .

These days at late night when your favorite soap goes on for commercials suddenly you see two women talking about Jeff Paul ‘s great magic system that guarantees you of earning thousands of dollars everyday. To an average person it seems tempting but at the end it will still be called a scam .

Of course you would think like that but actually people have misunderstood the whole idea and concept of Jeff Paul ‘s system. It seems that people are not applying his system according to what Jeff Paul has explained maybe because the greed of earning good cash, and later when the system does not give the actual output or very eager to get early results, the term ‘ scam ‘ does not take long to come into the picture.

As you may have heard from various anonymous sources that Jeff Paul in was a Direct Marketer in the early 90s, and his earning was not satisfying him and his family from hand to mouth. He did have computer knowledge at that time. He then later on formulated an excellent technique of internet marketing which earned him millions. It won’t be a scam because Jeff Paul used his strategy and his months of internet marketing labor that got him reach on top.

Today, Jeff Paul is a self-proclaimed internet marketing guru teaching and revealing his secret of success to all men and women including young IT students with a purpose of helping the IT community to also reach to a level where he is, and not with a purpose of scam .

It is a strong fact that there are no shortcuts to reach to the highest point without hard work. Jeff Paul ‘s system also requires hard work and dedication to achieve the desired results. The system does not trick or scam but teaches the right strategies and steps to achieve that highest point.

Even when Jeff Paul’s discovery was tested and implemented by his close friends, it took about 4-5 months to get that valuable profit with using the simple steps used by Jeff Paul and mentioned in his systems. None of his closest friends felt like a scam or a trick because Jeff Paul was personally helping them use his systems.

The reason for this accusation of Jeff Paul ‘s system being a scam could be a strategy of other competitors trying to degrade Jeff Paul’s system to promote their products; it could also be a jealous scheme of Jeff Paul’s rival of spreading the word of his product being a total scam .

But the other cause of Jeff Paul’s system being blacklisted is people are being misled and people not using his system according to the instructions.

Scam News
If you watch late night TV you have most likely came across Jeff Paul Internet Millions Shortcuts infomercial. In fact, you either got very excited about it and decided to continue your research about the program on the internet… or you got very sceptical about the far fetched promises and once again, opened up an internet browser to research about Jeff’s shortcuts.

If one would think about it logically he would see a little problem with this system. Imagine you stumble upon an easy way of making millions on the internet with only “3 simple clicks”, as Jeff’s shortcut to millions system claims, would you sell it to the whole North America for only $40? Probably not…

The truth is, making money online is possible. In fact, many people have made and keep on making fortunes online but these people know that “3 simple clicks” just isn’t enough. You too can become successful and wealthy but only after you learn about Internet Marketing and apply the knowledge properly.

Jeff Paul Internet Millions Shortcuts system does not cost $40. This is the fee for a “start-up package” which doesn’t really tell you much… except the same old outrageous claims of how easy it is to make one million bucks in a week without knowing or doing anything, if it was this easy, don’t you think everyone would be doing it by now? Let’s continue. Once you receive the start-up kit, your phone will start ringing and the telemarketers who say they work for Jeff Paul will try to up-sell you expensive packages for $5,000, $10,000 and so on, they claim you need these packages if you are serious about making money online.

To be honest, there is no magic system to making millions on the internet. There are great coaching programs and online communities that will teach you about marketing online and these programs cost as little as one buck per day without any up-sells and other marketing tricks intended to rip you off, such programs also do not claim how much money you will make and how easy it is, because it will take time and effort from your side. You can start a successful business online with very little to none budget at all, however, you will only succeed if you are wiling to learn and put in some effort.

So if you are determined to succeed, You probably will as long as you get the ri
The first thing that should catch your eye is the title of Jeff Pauls Course, “Short Cut To Millions”. The thought of making a million, quick and easy gets people giddy with excitement. But, deep down everyone knows that odds are it will not happen.

Jeff Paul is a great marketer, in his infomercial he combines two of mans primal desire’s, beautiful women and tons of easy money. For all the intelligent women out there, he gets you too. You figure, if these two women can do it, I certainly can. At 2 in the morning, it’s pretty easy to get suckered into buying his internet opportunity.

The Cost
The initial fee for Jeff Paul’s Short Cut To Millions is $39.95 plus about $14 shipping and handeling. Then your credit card is billed each month for an additional $39.95 and in return get 10 “new internet businesses”. The ten “3 clicks to cash” websites you get every month from Jeff Paul are the same website

Yahoo answers:

Of COURSE it’s a rip-off. Anything answering this description will be a rip-off.

The secret of Jeff Paul’s millions is: get a bunch of gullible twits to send him $39.95 and then more $$$ later. Nice scam.




John asks…

Why is the world so obsessed with money?

First of all, let me explain the concept of money to everybody. You are essentially trading little pieces of paper or metal coins in exchange for objects. Doesn’t that sound a little silly to you? But then again, the government attempts to tell us what is silly or not, so I guess I can’t blame people for not thinking about it. But I don’t understand why everybody is so money obsessed. They go to school for a career that will earn them millions, yet they don’t really do much with that money except buy things they don’t need.

I come from a pretty poor family, and that’s because my parents never pursued an education and had kids they could barely afford. I think my dad went to college, but honestly I’m so distant from my parents I don’t even know. My dad is also money obsessed. He barely even talks to us unless it’s about money. If he congratulates us on going to school, it’s simply to say that with a degree we will be set for life. Not exactly. Just because you get a degree doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a job. I’m much younger than him and I understand that. Anyways, that motivated me to pursue a University education. I’m double majoring in drama and psychology. Right now I want to be an actor, a director, a writer, and I want to work backstage. Psychology is something I may pursue, but it’s not high on my list. It’s something to fall back on, but I am interested in learning psychology. I’ve been told not to pursue acting because it’s a tough life. Umm, since when is life not tough? Everyone acts like majoring in business is the easiest way to a stable life. Not in my opinion. I would imagine that because so many people major in it, it’s extremely competitive. At least with my degree, I’m pursuing my real passion, plus I’m learning abstract and creative thinking, skills that I believe are extremely important in life. Our society today would not exist without creativity and abstract thinking.

Other than that, I’ve been told I’m a very good writer. I could always use this to get me a job. It may not pay $100 dollars an hour, but I would have a job. I’ve been told by someone online to major in business. Yeah, I could run a business…run it right off a cliff that is. I don’t have those types of skills, and I’m not really interested in learning them. My reason for going to school and taking the classes I’m taking is because I am passionate about learning, and I’m enjoying what I’m learning. I’m not here simply for a degree, I’m here to get an education.

The point I’m trying to make is that, to be honest, I feel people have too much money, and it’s blinding them to what life is really about. We don’t need pieces of paper to survive; we need food and water, shelter, and safety and security. They teach you that in intro psych classes. Yes, money is a way to achieve those things, but too many people spend more than they need to on that stuff. It’s sad really, and I just can’t understand why people are like this.

What do you think?

Yahoo answers:

Money gets them what they want and when they want it – others have to ask and wait!

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